Desert Defense TD

Desert Defense TD 1.0

A game of wits and expert strategy

It's a game of wits and expert strategy in Desert Defense TD, an addictive tower defense game that'll seriously challenge your grey matter.

Packed with colourful characters and awesome scenarios, this tower defense game puts you in the hot seat, letting you take control of troops and equipment to deter the enemy, defend your base of operations and ensure victory for your troops.

Players can take their pick of an assortment of soldier classes and character types to ensure their fighting team is the very best. Players can select from snipers, magicians, gunners and more, all with their own unique abilities and strengths.

You'll never play the same game twice, with each unique line-up bringing with it a different outcome. Patience is crucial, and practice makes perfect, allowing you to build up a winning strategy that even the most intimidating enemy force doesn't stand a chance against.

There's 10 individual hero types to choose from, ensuring you're always in control of a protagonist to be proud of. Customize your team further, with six different types of rifles, multiple tanks, vehicles and weapons. There's an onslaught of enemy troops to deal with, now with more refined AI for a more formidable enemy and taxing game.

With more than 24 individual levels to clear, there's no shortage of challenges from here. You can start playing and sharpening up your tactics as soon as you've downloaded this app to your phone or tablet, with no extra upfront costs and plenty of ready content to get stuck in with to start.

The colourful graphics and dynamic animations make Desert Defense TD a feast for the eyes, but it's easy to get distracted. Keep yourself focused on the big prize, and select the best troops and tactics possible to ensure your enemy is blighted in half the time.

You'll earn more points for defending your tower with the fewest casualties, while besting the enemy close to the start of the battle will yield the best scores. Show off your military strategy and prowess online, or check to see if your score has entered the hall of fame.

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Desert Defense TD


Desert Defense TD 1.0

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